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Why yes, you ARE about to become bombarded with everything that is me! My human has a strange obsession with taking my picture and squeeling every time I so much as look at her so you get to share my pain. Have fun! And remember, if you feel like sharing anything, anything at all (and by anything, I mean food) feel free! My human is more than happy to share your Corgi pictures, videos, and blogs with my followers =)
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Peanut was laid to rest today at 11:15am.

She did not get put down because of kidney failure. In fact, she exhibited no signs that her downturn was associated with it. She was having seizures of her head and mouth and the vet said that was very common in dogs with distemper. Her other symptoms also went along with distemper. The vet believes that she could have gotten it as a tiny puppy before her shots because she couldn’t nurse from her mom for so long and it has simply been mostly dormant until now. He also said it explained why one kidney never really developed.

Because anti-seisure meds would make her more sedate than she already was and they may not be absorbed well with her kidney issues and we couldn’t come up with a way to get her to eat, I decided (with the vet’s agreement) to put her down.

Thank you to my Corgi Nation for all your support. Funds raised have gone to cover her visit and cremation today and the rest is being discussed about.

Peanut was the most beautiful animal inside and out and I pray or next dog is half as good.

We thought Peanut was on the mend on Saturday. Her eyes were happier, she was socializing with us instead of laying down on her dog bed in the bedroom, and she seemed like she had some more energy.

However, by Saturday night she was no longer such a happy pup and we honestly weren’t sure she’d make it to morning. She did, but she is in such a poor state. 

We are calling the vet tomorrow morning and making an appointment to see if there is any recovery from this or if she is at, or near, the end of her time with us. 

She has blessed us so much and enriched our lives beyond that of any pet myself or my husband has ever had. It absolutely breaks my heart that my son won’t get to grow up with her because she loves kids and is so very kind and loyal. 

Maybe the vet will have some uplifting news for us, but I don’t think so. I think she may very well be put down tomorrow or Tuesday. 

If you could send prayers or comforting thoughts for my little Peanut, I just don’t want her in pain anymore. 

Thank you again for all your loving support.

- Peanut’s huMom

This is proof that my human can’t figure out her camera on her phone.

Regardless, I still love her.

Thank you everyone for all you have done to help me out. Please, if you haven’t shared my fund link, please do!

This is my ‘this food is disgusting and I want my old food back’ look. But apparently I can’t have my old food anymore. Lame.

Thank you everyone for spreading the word about Peanut’s fundraising! We’ve raised a bit more money thanks to lovely followers :)

For those who have mentioned looking at different aid organizations, I’ve looked into several and Peanut does not qualify due to her condition being terminal and/or her not being a rescue dog. But thank you very much for your help!

I’m so sorry that I disappeared. Between the new baby, moving, and new jobs and such, I’ve had minimal to no time to be on here except to quickly browse in my downtime.

Things have been pretty good in regards to most aspects of our life.

Everything except for Peanut, who this tumblr was created for.

A few weeks ago, we took Peanut to the emergency vet for what appeared to be an abscess caused by a tooth. The vet determined that we would need to extract the tooth so we scheduled an appointment with our new vet. I opted out of the blood-screen work because she was so young and they doubted they’d find anything wrong. Well, the vet decided later that they would do it since she was a new patient, just to be sure.

The news wasn’t good and I got a call shortly after they received the results.

Peanut is in kidney failure. She’s not even 3 and she’s in kidney failure. They suspected, due to her age and lack of behavioral changes, that it was a congenital issue. Regardless, they didn’t expect that she has more than a couple years (assuming that she is only fed a prescription diet for kidney failure) max.

I opted out of the tooth extraction and instead used the vet’s referral to go to another clinic to get ultrasounds done. Her right kidney is no longer functioning and has shrunk to the size of an almond. Her left kidney is only twice that size and has only 30% function left. There is no way to determine how long it will last her. However, they did rule out that it was a congenital issue because the kidneys were not misshapen and they had a lot of scar tissue. They agreed that she’s been suffering with this for a very long time, probably most of her life and that the damage was done probably by something she ingested.

With a baby, only one job (job searching for myself isn’t working too well),

student loans and other obligations, we are doing everything we can to extend Peanut’s life and keep her comfortable. A wonderful friend referred us to a non-profit organization that helps raise funds for dogs in need of medical care whose owners can’t afford it.

We have been so blessed that people have responded but we haven’t reached our limit yet so I thought I’d ask here, to my Corgi Nation, if you are able to help us in any way.

Any donations made are tax deductible and go straight to the vet clinic.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. It is a bit long…


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Basically all you need to do is swap out ‘king’ for ‘queen’ and you have me in a nutshell.

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not corgi related, but HOLY HELL THIS IS AMAZING

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Tribute to one of the greatest movies of all time.

By far one of the most under appreciated movies ever.